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Genius Guidelines For Moving Into A Small Space

February 5, 2018

You might be moving out of your parents home to a smaller apartment, or maybe moving into a dorm room or shared living space to work in the big city. Whatever you’re reasons may be, moving into a small space can be challenging. Here are some genius guidelines for moving into a small space…

Organize & Purge
When you’re moving out of your old space, go through all of your personal belongings, from clothes and accessories, to souvenirs and decor pieces. Give away or leave behind what you no longer need or what you do not use on a daily basis.

Think Of Your Daily Routine
Project what your daily routine will be like in your new space. Will you be studying or working? Will you be using your space only to sleep? This thought process can help you decide what pieces of furniture you will need and how to place it all.

Measure & Calculate
Make sure you measure your new space before choosing and moving furniture in to make sure it all fits in place before going through the hassle of relocating or purchasing new pieces.

Look For Multifunctional Pieces
In a small space, using one piece as multifunctional is key to saving room. You can use a sofa bed to double as a sofa and your bed if your room is really small. You can also go for beds with storage built in to save closet space.

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