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A Modern Pastel Look For Your Home

February 2, 2018

Pastel colors are trending all over now, in clothing, branding, and interior design. Here is how you can achieve a pastel look for your home.

Use modern pastel colors – Modern pastels oppose vintage pastels by being more muted, with grey undertones. Stay away from bright hues; those go more for newborn decor.

Don’t go overboard – Go for a minimal pastel look by adding simple pastel accents instead of going for an all-out pastel vibe. Add pillows, rugs, or vases, something that is eye catching but not too much.

Mix pastels with other colors – Break the pastel sweetness by pairing your pastel accents with earthy colors such as beige or greige. You can also go with copper colors.

Functional Decor By Colombini Casa

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