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How To Put Together Clashing Styles For Your Home

February 2, 2018

Typically, when it comes to interior decoration for your home, matching styles is the go-to. However, lately the trend has been to go for clashing styles to make a great and unique look.
Here’s how you can pull this off…

Colors – Clashing colors is easier said than done. You have to find colors that go together harmoniously. For instance, try pastel pink and blue, or bright orange and pale blue, or even green and electric pink.

Textures – Clashing textures can be done fairly easily by choosing different fabrics with metal or wooden accents. Think of a velvet sofa with metallic legs, or a marble counter top with copper accents, or even a stained wood table with assorted brightly colored chairs.

Patterns – Clashing patterns is a slippery slope, because not all patterns clash together well. Make sure things don’t get too busy-looking. Go for different geometric-patterned cushions on a sofa, or a patterned art piece hung on the wall of different patterned wallpaper.

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