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Tricks For Arranging Your Small Living Room

March 15, 2018

If you live in a small space, arranging your living room might seem like an impossible hassle. Typically, the same rules apply as they would for a large living room space. Here are some tricks to use when setting up your small living room.

1. Take advantage of hidden storage
What kills space most is storage pieces, so make use of hidden storage available in things like sofas with storage under the seat or coffee tables with drawers and internal storage.

2. Use a sectional sofa to have room for everyone
Sectionals are great for big families or guests, because they provide room for several people to sit without taking up too much space. You can also rearrange as you go.

3. Use a two-color palette on your walls and furniture
Chose 2 colors to keep the space balanced and calm. Small spaces with too much color can be overwhelming.

4. Go for multi-use furniture pieces
Maximize your space by furnishing your room with small tables that pull out to double in size or ottomans that double as a coffee table.

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