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Easy Tips For Designing Your Baby Room

April 12, 2018

If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy, you’re probably also overwhelmed with all the preparation involved. Welcoming a baby into your home calls for a dedicated space. Don’t over think it, here are some easy tips for designing your baby room.

1. A dresser with a changing table top
Choose a dresser style that will last the ages, by creating a table top changing area that you can then remove once your baby is done with diapers.

2. A comfortable chair
You will probably spend most nights in your baby’s room, so it’s important to stay comfortable and avoid back pain with a comfy chair.

3. A convertible crib
When choosing a crib, choose one that can easily ne converted into a toddler bed and then later on into a child’s bed. This can be done by removing the railing in some models.

4. A soft carpet
For playing and for lounging around barefoot, a soft carpet is essential to pull the baby room together and offer comfort.

5. A storage chest
When your baby is still a newborn, you can store clothes and diapers, and when your baby grows into a playing toddler, you can store toys and books.

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